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Full Service Real Estate

Complete Home Seller Control

Home Remodel & Award Winning Staging

Our tech-driven, transparent approach positions your home in the best possible ways, for you to get the best possible return. Homly's seller benefits include:

Smart Home Upgrade: Control your lock and monitor your live showings.

Online offer portal: Receive all offers directly to you in your Homly home seller portal.

Our idea is simple, give the homeowner complete oversight control over their sale with full real estate brokerage services, without compromises.

How We Work


Home Rehab

We will first remodel and stage your property to maximize your profits.  Award-winning staging is guaranteed to increase the value of your home.


Homly's Smart Home Controls

We provide you with our exclusive Homly's Smart Home Control package.  

  • Authorize home showing requests through our app.  Have primary control over ALL showing time requests.
  • Lock and unlock your door through your phone with our Smart Lock technology. Door access that is simple modern & secure.
  • See your home away from home. Monitor visitors activity through your private Nest cam. Don't miss a thing.

Homly's Seller Portal

Our exclusive home seller's portal will finally give you all the tools required to know and decide everything about your transaction.

  • Homly's online offer tool. We give buyers everything they need to make an offer online at the click of a button and you receive the offers directly into your Homly Portal. 
  • Marketing management, a simple and effective way to review all the marketing web traffic and activity for your dedicated home listing page.
  • Online document esignatures & management on a central location. Know where everything is every time.

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